Pre-Procedure Instructions

Staff at your dialysis unit or a staff member at one of our facilities will be able to assist you with specific instruction regarding preparation for your procedure.

  • In general there are no restrictions about taking medications prior to these procedures except for blood thinners or anti-platelet medications. Check with your Nephrologist to be sure it is safe for you to hold these medications and he/she may have specific instructions regarding other medications.
  • Notify our center prior to the procedure if you have a severe allergy to latex and/or contrast (dye).
  • Conscious sedation is used when a declot procedure, catheter placement, angiogram or angioplasty is done with the goal being to make you more comfortable. A local anesthetic is also used as well as for all other cases.
  • It is very important for someone to drive you home after receiving sedation as you should not drive for 24 hours after the procedure.
  • If you are scheduled to have a declot procedure, catheter placement, angiogram or angioplasty, it is important that you do not eat or drink after midnight prior to the procedure. For other procedures you may eat a light meal in the morning, particularly if you are a diabetic. You may call the facility regarding questions about your specific situation.