Referring Physicians

Thank you for referring your patient to us. In addition to this online request please fax us at 919-908-6081 the following from:

Referral Form Updated August 2021 (PDF file).

All of the following are required to be faxed to Carolina Vascular Access for an Appointment to be made: Signed Order, Demographic Sheet, Medication List, Most Recent H&P, List of Allergies, Insurance Info.

Referral Form

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    Is the Patient Able to Dialyze: YesNo    Last Dialysis Treatment: Surgeon:

    Fistula or Graft

    Type of Access:        When Was the Access Placed:


    Desired Procedure:

    ***If coming for maturity evaluation or is a new access, we MUST know the date the access was placed and surgeon!!***



    Type of Catheter:     When Was the Access Placed?


    Desired Procedure:



    IV Dye, Contrast, or Shellfish Allergy? Reaction?

    Diabetic? YesNo

    Any Anticoagulants:

    Competent to Sign? By Whom? Phone:

    Does Patient Have VA Insurance?


    Does Patient Require a Hoyer Lift?

    How Does Patient Transport to Dialysis?

    Who Will Transport Patient to CVA?